Suunto Core Wrist-Top Computer Watch

Suunto Core Wrist-Top Computer Watch picDive Watch Features:

  • Includes Altimeter
  • Includes Barometer
  • Includes Compass
  • Quality depth measurement feature
  • Incredible weather functions on the watch
  • Can use the watch everywhere, including the mountains
  • Incredible comfort level with a quality elastic strap
  • Robust construction
  • Storm alarm
  • Temperature alarm for your convenience

Overall Quality of Watch

Whether you are biking, camping, or hiking, the Suunto Core Wrist-Top Computer Watch alerts you of all of your surroundings, giving you a rest assured mind, no matter what activity or hobby you are taking part in. With the quality temperature alarm, you will be well prepared in all occasions because you will know what type of weather is coming and what to prepare for.

One of the best features of the watch, which is typically the favorite part of past users, is the storm alarm feature. This alerts you of what storms are nearby and gives you enough time to make a game plan before the actual storm hits. This is a great thing to have if you are hiking on.a mountain or camping out in the wilderness. Never get stuck in bad weather in the middle of nowhere with the amazing Suunto Core Watch.

Past reviewers claim that the watch has detected a nearby storm even when the sky is perfectly clear and the weather looks completely fine. When there is a radio drop in the air pressure within three hours, the watch then alerts you that weather change is approaching, giving you time to react appropriately.

Perhaps you are hoping to indicate the weather more than just a few hours out. You can do that as well with this great watch! This watch comes with a built-in weather trend indicator that will alert you of the weather history within the last three to six hours. That is pretty incredible information to receive from a little watch.

Reasons To Buy The Watch

There are other great reasons for you to purchase the Suunto Core Wrist-Top Watch. Aside from being able to accurately predict upcoming temperature changes and upcoming weather changes, this watch has some more basic features that will attract those who want both a quality gadget watch, but also have all of the basic features a typical watch will include.

With the Suunto watch, you can expect to have more basic alarm features, dual times, and also a date display on the watch. There are also helpful features to help you predict the time for both sunrise and sunset, so you can go about your day being fully aware of when these changes are going to take place.

Final Verdict

Our final verdict for the Suunto Core Wrist-Top Computer Watch is highly positive. The product has received incredible reviews from users who rave on and on regarding the overall quality of this well-made watch.

If you are hoping for a great watch to take hiking or camping, this is an excellent choice that will not disappoint you in any way.

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